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Building Blocks

Our Team

Founder & Co-founder

  • Minmin Yang, PhD


    •  PhD/Postdoctoral at Auburn University

    •  Served at Roche Palo Alto and Roche China, with increasing responsibilities from group leader to section head of medicinal chemistry

    •  80 articles and patents, including 16 international patents

  • Xihan Wu, PhD


    •  PhD at Shanghai Institute of Materia Medica, Chinese Academy of Sciences

    •  Postdoctoral at University of Michigan

    •  Served at Shanghai Institute of Materia Medica, Chinese Academy of Sciences, and as section head at Roche China R&D Center

    •  50 articles and patents, including 33 international patents

  • Shuhai Zhao, PhD


    •  PhD at University of Paris-Sud

    •  Postdoctoral at Massachusetts Institute of Technology

    •  Served at Hoechst-Celanese, Roche US/China R&D Center

    •  Led 5 project teams and discovered 7 clinical candidates, 3 of which have entered clinical trials and 2 were advanced into phase II. 

    •  Contributed to the invention of FanaptTM

    •  70 articles and patents, including 25 international patents

Core Team

  • Wenfang Miao, PhD

    Chief Executive Officer

    •  PhD at Texas Christian University

    •  Served as VP of Analytical Services for WuXi AppTec , Senior VP of Quality and Regulatory and VP of Analytical Chemistry for Pharmaron, Senior Manager of Analytical Chemistry for Elan Drug Delivery and Principle Scientist for GSK Drug Development

    •  20+ years experience in analytical R&D, quality control, quality assurance, CMC development and regulatory compliance

  • Xudong Wei, PhD

    Senior Vice President,Head of CDMO Business

    • PhD at Nanjing University

    • Postdoc at Tübingen, York and Emory 

    • API leader, 15 yr at Boehringer-Ingelheim 

    • VP at Pharmaron

    • 20+ years experience in drug substance development & manufacturing

    • 80+ articles, 16 patents

  • Shijie Zhang, PhD

    Chief Technology Officer

    •  PhD at Emory University

    •  Served as Director of Process Chemistry and API Production at Agios, USA

    •  Successfully advanced 2 compounds from preclinical to commercial, 2 to Phase III, 1 to Phase II

    •  40+ articles and patents

  • Jing Li, PhD

    President of PharmaBlock (USA), Inc., Senior Vice President

    •  PhD at Nanjing University

    •  Postdoctoral at Southwestern Medical Center, Dallas, USA

    •  Served at Cumbre, Millennium, Cubist, Merck

    •  18+ years experience in new drug research and development and process development

    •  40 articles and patents, including 18 international patents

  • Zhengtian Gu, PhD


    •  PhD at Columbia University 

    •  VP at Theravance, P&G, GSK, 3M 

    •  Led over 10 new drug development projects, 5 were approved for market

    •  20+ years experience

  • Yuanping Jie, PhD

    Vice President

    •  PhD at Auburn University

    •  Served as VP of Shanghai Huayi Group Technology Research Institute

    •  20+ years of R&D and production experience

    •  15+ articles, 16 patents

  • Yuanming Zhu, PhD

    Vice President

    •  PhD at Duquesne University

    •  Postdoctoral at Colorado State University

    •  Served as head of Adama China R&D Center

    •  20+ years of R&D experience

    •  40 patents, 39 of which are authorized patents

  • Ke Zhao, PhD

    Vice President

    •  PhD at University of Mississippi

    •  20+ years experience in drug formulation development

    •  Served at Ancheng Pharmaceutical, Anbisheng and Yangzijiang Pharmaceutical

    •  Developed 12 FDA-approved products including 6 global first imitations; successfully challenged and evaded more than 100 formulation patents

  • Liu Liu, PhD

    Vice President

    •  PhD at Bowling Green State University

    •  Postdoctoral at the University of Pennsylvania

    •  Served at Rogel Cancer Center and led the discovery of multiple small molecule targeted anti-cancer drugs with new chemical structures, 5 of which are in clinical trials at different stages

    •  50+ articles and patents, including 10+ international patents

  • Jingwei Zhu, PhD

    Vice President

    •  PhD at Beijing Institute of Technology

    •  10+ years of R&D management experience, throughout process R&D, analytical chemistry, supply chain management and production

    •  20+ articles and patents

  • Hui Li, PhD

    Vice President

    •  PhD atThe University of Texas at Austin

    •  Postdoctoral at Colorado State University

    •  Served as Director/VP of R&D of Anichem Suzhou

    •  20+ years of experience in synthetic organic chemistry

  • Yi Li

    Vice President

    •  Master at Nankai University

    •  MBA at Maastricht School of Management (MSM)

    •  Served at Roche China R&D Center

    •  15+ years of R&D and management experience

  • Minyue Zhang

    President of PharmaBlock Pharmaceuticals (Shandong) Co., Ltd.

    •  Graduated from Zhengzhou University

    •  Served as Deputy General Manager of Ouyi Pharmaceutical, a subsidiary of CSPC

    •  26+ years of production management experience

  • Yifei Wu

    Vice President

    •  Worked at Jiangsu Tianheng Certified Public Accountants; Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Certified Public Accountants

    •  Served as CFO of Simcere Pharmaceutical Group; CFO of Eft Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd.

    •  20+ years of financial management experience