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PharmaBlock Awarded "Top 20 CDMO Enterprises in 2021"

“2021 Conference on High Quality Development of Health Industry” was successfully held at Chongqing International Convention & Exhibition Center on September 18, 2021.


The core value of CDMO is to improve the R&D efficiency of pharmaceutical enterprises and reduce the cost of drug production. As new drug development becomes more difficult and the cost of production increases, the CDMO industry's role in both the R&D and drug commercialization phases has been widely enhanced.

Pharmaceutical companies are able to leverage the CDMO industry to complete their corporate asset-light operations and R&D strategies, which is the embodiment of the value of PharmaBlock in the CDMO field. It was at this conference that, PharmaBlock Sciences (Nanjing), Inc. was awarded the title of “Top 20 CDMO Enterprises in 2021 ".

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