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Automated Workshop 501 at PharmaBlock Zhejiang Officially Opened

On March 4, 2022, PharmaBlock (300725.SZSE), a global contract development and manufacturing organization (CDMO) with a history of innovative chemistry products and solutions supporting drug discovery, development, and commercialization with sites in the USA and China , announced the opening of its multifunctional GMP workshop 501 (W501) at PharmaBlock Zhejiang manufacturing site. W501 is designed with full automation and adding this workshop greatly expands PharmaBlock’s current CDMO service capacity and effectively supports new & efficient drug development and manufacturing capabilities to PharmaBlock’s expanding number of global clients.


The total reactor volume of W501 is 165,000 liters (165m³), suitable to meet clinical phase & commercial stage manufacturing requirements. The workshop has achieved full control automation with all modules. The operability and flexibility of the equipment is greatly improved with temperature and pressure controls that are among the most advanced in the CDMO industry. Through the online distributed control system (DCS) monitoring production processes, PharmaBlock’s improvement of safety and reliability is significantly enhanced.


Dr. Xudong Wei, Senior Vice President and Head of CDMO Business, said: "The opening of W501 will significantly increase our CDMO capacity and expand our services. In addition to growing with our global partners’ program’s requirements, we are taking more GMP projects over the past few years, and many of these projects are progressing successfully to later clinical stages and commercialization. By accelerating PharmaBlock’s expansions of capacities, improvement of manufacturing automation & intelligence, and in combination with PharmaBlock’s commitment to new chemical technologies and advantages in process R&D, we are now bringing more comprehensive development and manufacturing solutions to our partners."


Dr. Xudong Wei  

Senior Vice President and Head of CDMO Business

PharmaBlock Sciences Zhejiang campus is continuously expanding and upgrading its capacities. Currently the 33 acre site is equipped with 4 GMP production workshops for intermediates and APIs. With the operation of W501, the total reactor volume at PharmaBlock Zhejiang has increased by 90% to 350m³. Here, the facility executes multiple specialized technologies like GMP manufacturing using self-designed and assembled micropacked bed reactors located in W508, a workshop dedicated to hydrogenation and other gas transfer reactions. This reactor alone has been utilized  in manufacturing of hundreds of metric tons of products or intermediates each year.


Dr. Jingwei Zhu

President of PharmaBlock Zhejiang

"PharmaBlock Zhejiang is actively expanding its CDMO production capacity. Workshops 502 and 503 will be put into use in the near future," said Dr. Jingwei Zhu, President of PharmaBlock Zhejiang. "By continuous optimization of automation & intelligent production models and innovative chemical technologies, we can truly achieve efficient, safe, and green development and manufacturing solutions, creating long-term value for our clients."