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PharmaBlock awarded “2021 TOP 20 Chinese CXO Enterprises”

On July 12, the 2021 Chinese Pharmaceutical Industry Top 100 series was announced, and PharmaBlock was listed on the list of "2021 TOP 20 Chinese CXO  Enterprises".


PharmaBlock is an innovative chemical products and services provider in the field of drug development, providing integrated new drug development and production services to global innovative drug development companies, covering the whole industrial chain process of pharmaceutical intermediates, APIs, and preparations from pre-clinical development to commercialization.

At the same time, PharmaBlock is actively exploring green, safe, and intelligent advanced manufacturing modes in the biomedical field, and has built a cutting-edge technology platform represented by continuous flow chemistry, micro-packed bed technology, biocatalysis, metal catalysis, and intelligent manufacturing. Through chemical and low-carbon technology innovation in research and development and production process, we will provide better products and services to the market, create long-term value for customers and promote innovation and development of the industry.