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PharmaBlock at CPHI China: Spotlight on the Pharmaceutical R&D and Manufacturing Industry

On June 19th-21st, CPHI China 2023 was held at Shanghai New International Expo Center. After nearly three years, CPHI China once again welcomed numerous exhibitors and visitors from the global pharmaceutical industry.


PharmaBlock (Stock code: 300725.SZSE), a global, fully integrated CRDMO company focusing on innovative chemistry and low-carbon manufacturing, attended CPHI China again. Through proactive and in-depth communication with our partners, industry experts, and entrepreneurs during the event, we have noticed a few hot topics that we would like to share with you.


01 Keyword: Sustainability



The keyword of sustainability was frequently mentioned and discussed at CPHI China 2023. The nature of the biopharmaceutical industry and its high relevance to social responsibility require companies to have a holistic mindset toward sustainable development. Companies also need to incorporate the content of E (environment), S (social), and G (corporate governance) into their development strategies and continuously improve upon them.


PharmaBlock has already integrated many excellent sustainability practices into its daily operations, including PMI control from route scouting to manufacturing process optimization, raw material selection for reduced environmental impact, and waste treatment optimization through innovative technologies to achieve a greener, more efficient, and safer manufacturing model. PharmaBlock received the 2023 ACS CMO Excellence in Green Chemistry Award, representing industry recognition for PharmaBlock’s low-carbon solutions. In the future, PharmaBlock will continue to strengthen the systematic management and promotion of ESG, contributing to the sustainability of manufacturing.





Keyword: Cost


Building upon the accelerated innovation in the past few years, the industry has now shifted some of its focus to cost reduction and efficiency enhancement. As the investment and funding of the biotechnology industry tends to be rational, there is a growing requirement for cost control towards drug R&D and manufacturing.


PharmaBlock is always focusing on helping partners continuously optimize their development and production costs. During the early stages of process route design, PharmaBlock's team takes multiple factors into consideration, such as efficiency, cost, and availability of raw materials, to determine superior process routes. This approach helps avoid the need for route changes during the later stages of development, which could result in time delays, increased costs, and regulatory risks. In the later stages of development and commercialization, the team assists partners in further cost reduction through continuous process optimization and lean production management.


Moreover, PharmaBlock has two unique advantages in cost optimization. Firstly, PharmaBlock’s core resource of building blocks supply as raw materials enhance its cost control capabilities with backward integration. By continuously optimizing the production process of building blocks, PharmaBlock helps increase cost optimization opportunities for intermediate and active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) development projects. Secondly, PharmaBlock's innovative technologies, including flow chemistry, micropacked bed technology and catalysis, will bring long-term changes to the cost landscape of pharmaceutical manufacturing.




Keywords: New Modalities


With continuous breakthroughs in new technologies in the pharmaceutical industry, there is a surge in the development of new modalities. Faced with the promising therapeutic prospects of these new modalities in areas such as oncology, chronic diseases, and rare diseases, multinational pharmaceutical and biotech companies are actively developing corresponding pipelines. During this exhibition, numerous domestic and international customers expressed their progress and demands in new modalities such as ADC, PROTAC, and oligo drugs.


PharmaBlock combines its diverse and unique building block resources and integrated CRDMO service capabilities to offer comprehensive solutions for new modalities. In particular, in the field of PROTAC, PharmaBlock provides one-stop solutions ranging from drug discovery, development, and commercialization, covering the design and construction of PROTAC-related compound libraries, PROTAC drug screening, and customized development and GMP production of PROTAC APIs and drug products.