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PharmaBlock again awarded “2022 TOP20 Chinese CXO Enterprises”


PharmaBlock Sciences (Nanjing), Inc. (Stock code: 300725.SZSE), a global, fully integrated CRDMO company focusing on innovative chemistry and low-carbon manufacturing, announced today that it has been again named in the 2022 TOP 20 China CXO (CRO/CDMO) ranking by Menet, leading pharmaceutical R&D information platform in China. The award recognizes PharmaBlock's leading position as an integrated CRDMO in the global pharmaceutical R&D and manufacturing field.



PharmaBlock leverages its unique core resource of novel building blocks to empower its CRDMO services, that not only enhance drug discovery efficiency, but also respond to customer needs throughout the RSM, intermediate, and API development and manufacturing process with faster development speed, sustainable supply, and more effective cost control. In addition, PharmaBlock has been actively building up cutting-edge technology platform featuring flow chemistry, micropacked bed technology, and catalysis, making drug development and manufacturing more efficient and environmentally friendly.




Recently, PharmaBlock has won several industry awards, including the 2023 TOP 20 Chinese CDMO Enterprises and 2022 Best Preclinical CRO/CDMO Enterprise Award. The recognition from the industry is a testament to PharmaBlock's continuous innovation and growth, and an encouragement for its sustainable development in the future. PharmaBlock will continue to focus on the development of an integrated CRDMO service platform, taking full advantage of chemistry and low-carbon technology innovation, to inspire drug discovery, accelerate drug development, and provide more green and sustainable solutions for the global pharmaceutical industry, and create value for human health and social development.