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【Evevt】The 4th Globar Conference & Exhibition On Biopharma Froniter Technology

The 4th Globar Conference & Exhibition On Biopharma Froniter Technology will be held at the Suzhou International Expo Center from July 11th to 13th. The conference is co-hosted by TONACEA and NCTIB, with guidance from four national-level associations/societies. During the event, the "China Biopharmaceutical Innovation Alliance," consisting of 200 leading industry organizations, will be announced.



On the Second day, Li Jin, Senior Director of PharmaBlock, will attend the "Small Molecule Drug Development" forum and deliver a speech on the application of molecular fragments in the development of small molecules and new chemical entities like PROTAC.

Here are the details about the speaker:


Li Jin

Senior Director of PharmaBlock

Over 10 years of experience in organic chemistry

Over 3 years of experience in medicinal chemistry

Published over 10 patents and papers

Inventor of two clinical candidate drugs


Conference details:

Date: July 11th to 13th

Venue: Suzhou International Expo Center, Hall G

PharmaBlock booth: T52ab

Forum: [Forum 20] Small Molecule Drug Development

Speech topic: "Application of Molecular Fragments in the Development of Small Molecules and New Chemical Entities like PROTAC"

Speaker: Li Jin

Speech time: July 13th, 14:10-14:30"