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PharmaBlock Launched New Product Website to Empower Medicinal Chemistry Research

PharmaBlock's new product website is now live, empowering medicinal chemists, and offering innovative solutions for drug discovery.

The new website provides effortless search for novel building blocks, insightful resource to inspire drug design, and one-stop searching, ordering, and tracking. Register as a member now to receive more information on discounts and enjoy a professional and convenient experience. Let PharmaBlock's novel building blocks be your powerful toolbox in drug design and synthesis.

  • 200,000+ building blocks offered

  • 40,000+ in stock (China & US)

  • 20,000+ delivered within 2 week


Click here to watch the video and have a glimpse of the new website

Click here to visit the new product website and explore more  


Effortless Search for Novel Building Blocks

The new website supports multiple search formats specifically designed to enhance search efficiency for medicinal chemists.

  • By structure ( exact, sub, or similar)

  • By image

  • By CAS/Name/PB catalog number

  • Support bulk search


Inspiring Drug Design

The new website offers a range of filtering tools that enable chemists to quickly find the building blocks that meet your needs. By applying different criteria, scientist can filter and receive recommendations to swiftly narrow down the search. This, combined with a wealth of medicinal chemistry insights, better equips the medicinal chemists to tackle the various challenges in drug design and synthesis.

  • Explore building blocks by functional groups with simplicity

  • Filter building blocks by medicinal chemical properties with ease

  • Access related products with convenience

  • Inspire drug design with medi-chem insights



Streamline the Order Process

The new product website offers a seamless experience for inquiring, ordering, delivery, and logistics tracking. Customers can easily check the order status at any time to improve procurement efficiency and convenience.


Register now for exclusive discounts and offers.