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2022 Chinese New Year Greeting

On the occasion of the Spring Festival, and on behalf of PharmaBlock Group I would like to express my sincere gratitude and blessings to all the employees, partners, and friends of PharmaBlock. May everything go well in 2022 with you and your families!


Dr. Wenfang Miao, CEO of PharmaBlock

A Fruitful Year in 2021 with Courage and Passion

With the evolution of the global pandemic in the past two years, people are closely watching the progress of new drug/vaccine development and are paying more attention to ways to achieve a healthy lifestyle. This echoes the mission of every PharmaBlock employee that we are here to provide better products and services to our customers through continuous innovations in chemistry and low-carbon technologies, to help our allies improve the efficiency of new drug discovery & development, and to  accelerate the launch of products.

In 2021, we made meaningful progress with business expansion & optimization, capability extension, and team building. Based on the original building block business, we have further organized the CDMO business layout, and achieved inspiring results.

With building blocks as our core resources, we have established a full-process collaborative solution from drug discovery or drug development to commercialization. As can be seen from the comprehensive collaboration with many partners such as Aidi and Shouyao Holdings, more and more customers are recognizing our integrated CMC capabilities.

Committed to building a unique and differentiated CMC integrated service platform, in 2021, we kept strengthening the integrated CMC platform, covering the whole life cycle of drug development and commercialization, from intermediates to APIs and drug products, as well as CMC filing support. The end-to-end chemistry and manufacturing service that we offer greatly enhances our capabilities to meet partners’ needs and hence we are now taking a more active role in their CMC projects. With accumulated strong chemistry capabilities, stable and cost-effective supply chain through our building block business, and our continuous innovation in green technologies, we are confident in our ability to bring greater value to our customers.

In 2021, we continued to strengthen our capabilities in each business unit. Our Building Blocks Team kept up with the cutting-edge technology of drug discovery and started to investigate more molecular structures that can be used for new drugs, such as modified nucleosides, PROTACs and ADC linkers. PharmaBlock’s crystallization, pre-formulation and formulation development capabilities were also further strengthened in our CDMO division. Our Chemical Engineering Technology Center (CETC) also made many breakthroughs in the fields of flow chemistry, micro-packed bed tech, heterogeneous catalysis, and biocatalysis, and has provided innovative solutions to hundreds of projects.

In 2021, PharmaBlock continued to push forward quality system upgrades and construction to increase capacity. Our R&D sites in Nanjing and the United States further expanded, along with kilo-laboratories and QC laboratories upgraded to fully meet GMP requirements. PharmaBlock Shandong started to undertake GMP manufacturing of drug products since the completion of equipment qualification this September. In the coming new year, three more production workshops at PharmaBlock Zhejiang will be completed and put into use.

In 2021, we further expanded our talent team and introduced a number of industry elites. We are pleased that our experts and young professionals are active in all kinds of summit forums, technical conferences, and online webinars, sharing their experiences and insights. We care about our staff, and we put heroic effort into creating a safer and more comfortable working environment for them. Throughout this past year we have organized hundreds of trainings to help our staff reach their full potential.

In 2021, we also witnessed the strong performance and passion of every PBer. Last December, due to several COVID-19 cases found in Shangyu, where PharmaBlock Zhejiang is located, we experienced great challenges to our production and delivery. However, with our immediate crisis-response and business continuity plan, all sites and departments cooperated with highest efficiency, successfully minimizing the impact, and ensuring the prompt delivery of each project. Driven by our “PharmaBlock Power”, we received a number of essential honors in 2021, including but not limited to Forbes China's Most Innovative Enterprise Top 50, Forbes Asia's Top 200 Small and Medium Listed Companies, and Jiangsu’s Excellent Enterprise in Science & Technology Innovation and Development Award.

A big “Thank you” to every PBer for your hard work!

Working Together for a Vigorous 2022 and to Share a Prosperous Tomorrow

2022 will be a year where opportunities and challenges coexist, and it will also be a year in which our business becomes an unstoppable force in the market. We are confident that we will keep bringing more value to our partners, employees, and investors. To achieve this goal, our management team will continue to lead all departments and subsidiaries to focus on the following work:

  • Continue to strengthen PharmaBlock’s all-around collaboration with customers: We need to expand in the market and grow our current business continuously. We need to make sure every single delivery has the highest-standards with high efficiency. As an essential part of drug development, we need to have a more comprehensive and in-depth understanding of customers’ needs and explore truly valuable solutions.

  • Continue to push steadily forward with PharmaBlock’s production capacity expansion as planned: As our collaborations with customers move forward, we prepare to deliver more GMP projects at late development and commercial stages, thus capacity construction is a top priority. In parallel, we  continue to strengthen our capabilities & technological innovations, enhance team building & talent training, and improve our quality & EHS management systems.

  • Further improve the management and dissemination of information: At the moment, PharmaBlock is at a fast-developing stage. To ensure stable and high-efficient operation, we need to continuously optimize the management system and strengthen informatization/the construction of digitalized processes for analysis and communication.

  • Promote green pharmaceutical manufacturing: We have been actively responding to the national goal of moving beyond our carbon peak and working to achieve carbon neutrality. Honoring our social responsibilities we are making strides with our outstanding innovative technologies. We will continue to explore more innovation in low-carbon technology to achieve safer, greener, and more efficient process development and production.

The bell is about to ring for the New Lunar Year. Let us seize the day, live it to the fullest and work in harmony as we create a better future together.