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PharmaBlock joins list of “Forbes Asia’s Best Under A Billion 2022"

PharmaBlock is excited to announce that we have been chosen for “Forbes Asia's Best Under a Billion” for a second consecutive year. The list recognizes companies with long-term excellence across a variety of measures. Only 200 companies were selected out of over 20,000 publicly traded companies in the Asia-Pacific region with annual revenue above $10 million & below $1 billion.


The ranking is based on a composite score of a company's overall performance including debt, sales, earnings-per-share over the last year & three-year periods, and its strongest average returns on equity over one-year & five-year periods.


PharmaBlock has always been customer-centric, driven by patient & social values, promoting innovative developments in the industry, helping partners improve the efficiency of new drug discovery, pre-clinical research, & clinical development, and accelerating the process from new drug development to commercialization for our clients.


PharmaBlock has maintained a steady growth even under the epidemic, and its continually adapting mission is to provide better products & services through innovating chemistries, developing processes with low carbon technology for greener manufacturing, and ultimately supporting partners by accelerating drug discovery and development, bringing new medicines to the market at full speed.