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Building Blocks

Our Culture


Innovative chemistry for a better future 

- Chemistry innovation provides better (more effective, safer, easier to use, more accessible) products and services for the future

- Chemistry innovation addresses safety, environmental, and quality challenges in R&D and manufacturing processes


To provide better products and services through innovation of chemistry and low carbon technology in R&D and manufacturing


Equality, Enterprising, Innovation, Cooperation

- Equality: PharmaBlcok provides employees with equal opportunities and environment for development, and advocates a comprehensive, objective, and fair code of conduct. 

- Enterprising: PharmaBlcok encourages employees to step out of their comfort zone, break through the bottleneck that restricts development, push the limits of their capabilities, and become industry experts in the areas of product, technology, business and management.       

- Innovation: PharmaBlock advocates comprehensive and continuous innovation to solve the pain points of customers and the industry, and help the industry and society progress. 

- Cooperation: The growth of PharmaBlock requires all employees to be customer-centric, united, collaborative, and committed to complete high-quality delivery and achieve a win-win situation for all parties.