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Our Culture


We innovate chemistry for a greener and healthier world.


Leading industry sustainability through innovation in chemistry and low-carbon technologies.



  1. We are committed to serving all our customers, encompassing both external clients and our own employees. Everyone we serve is our customer.

  2. We focus on the needs and pain points of our customers, continually enhancing our expertise and service levels to exceed expectations and improve delivery quality.

  3. We value customer feedback and actively seek their advice, earning their trust through professionalism and enthusiasm, and striving to become their reliable, long-term partners.


  1. We embrace challenges with intrinsic motivation and persistent effort, break through the bottlenecks, unleash potential, learn the best practices of industry and set new industry benchmarks.

  2. We define our achievements by results, promote doing right things and doing things right, eliminate any ineffective efforts.

  3. We honor the diligence and efforts of every team member by providing platforms for their achievements and celebrating our shared successes together.


  1. We advocate a culture of comprehensive and continuous innovation, encouraging incremental improvements and innovations, supporting breakthroughs in technology and business models, to enhance operational efficiency and delivery capabilities.

  2. We cultivate an innovation-friendly environment where creativity is part of the daily work, allowing innovators to take risks and learn from failures, thereby fostering transformative change.

  3. We actively embrace new technologies and promote cross-industry collaborations, reaching out globally while welcoming worldwide partnerships.


Win-Win Cooperation

  1. We foster a culture that prioritizes alignment with our collective corporate and team goals. By eliminating managerial barriers and capitalizing on diverse strengths, we establish trust and consensus, thereby improving the quality of our deliverables and our customers' experience.

  2. We establish fair benefit-sharing mechanisms that synchronize the interests of individuals, teams, the company, customers, and the broader society, ensuring mutual prosperity and personal fulfillment.

  3. We develop an open ecosystem that enables customers and industry peers by leveraging cutting-edge chemistry and low-carbon technologies, driving progress towards green and sustainable development.